About our work

About our work


Our charity who works with parents and professionals to improve the lives of all children.

At Autism Angels we strive to balance the needs of the child with those of their siblings, parents and professionals. We understand that your role as a parent can be challenging and sometimes you can feel lost, worn down and exhausted. Our aim is that we can provide you with a place where you feel welcomed, accepted and find the support and guidance that you need.  Leaving feeling refreshed and with the tools to support your family.

We have two centres; our northern centre is based near Harrogate and our southern centre is based near Hitchin. We strongly believe that the environment can work 80% for you or 80% against you, here at Autism Angels we know our environment is working for us. Both our North and South centres are based in the beautiful countryside, where there are lots of opportunities for new adventures and discoveries. By coming back to nature, giving your mind a rest for a while and letting the environment do the work for you, you really do begin to feel like a different person.

We work with horses to support our learning and this is known as “Equine Facilitated Learning” (EFL). We work with horses to create ‘real life’ scenarios that can be then practiced and worked through. Horses are reactionary animals and have a range of emotions that create powerful and honest immediate feedback. Working with this model enables individuals, families and professionals to gain new insights into how they communicate, empower and connect with themselves and the wider world around them.

When EFL is coupled with our coaching approach we create a very powerful platform to illicit change and empower you to lead your best life yet. This approach is known as “Equine Facilitated Coaching” (EFC).

The Science behind Equine Facilitated Learning

HeartMath Institute conducted a study and found that because a horse’s electromagnetic field is so much larger than our own, by being in their presence they can actually positively influence us and make us feel better when we are around them.  The research has shown that people around horses can experience many benefits including lowering of blood pressure and heart rate, increased levels of beta-endorphins, decreased stress levels, reduction in the feelings of anger, hostility, anxiety and tension, improved social functioning and increased feelings of empowerment, trust, patience and self-effacy.

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