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Family Fun Day with Wycombe Care

Last month saw us launch our first Fun Family Day of the year, with a new team of volunteers and a new group of teenagers.   As the children were older we used the opportunity to test out some of the exercises from our Enrichment Day model, which looked at building strong relationships with ourselves and our team members, including our equine friends and learning how to be a strong leader.   After a refuel we rode out and focused on practising all that had been learnt in the morning which allowed the staff to step back and see their children flourish and have a go at working it out for themselves. Our new volunteers flew the flag for Autism Angels proudly putting into practice all that they had learnt in their training.

Our taster events continue to grow from strength to strength and we have welcomed some lovely groups of people with varying interests to the farm over the past few months.   Don’t miss out these great opportunities to come along to the farm and find out what we do. Our next event is on Saturday 10th June.

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