Family Mentoring funding application

Family Mentoring funding application

We will support families with funding for this programme as much as possible. We do sometimes have funding available for part or full funding. If you require support with the costs for the six week or full school year mentoring programmes please complete the form below and we can advise how we can help.

Our mentoring programmes are an incredible opportunity for you and your child to meet new people and build lasting relationships whilst receiving support with communication, behaviours that pose challenges, beliefs systems that are blocking your harmony as a family and so much more.

The programmes are designed to challenge current thinking patterns and behaviours and support the person in changing these. We believe that working together to raise a person’s awareness, can have an amazing impact on their life and then will cause a ripple effect that influences those around them. By working with the horses, we can create real life scenarios and support everyone in how they currently cope with these, to then illicit change in their responses. This programme can provide everyone with a reassuring structure, in an environment which focuses on enabling skills and providing positive opportunities for their development, away from the constraints of a classroom.

To read more about working with Autism Angels, how our programmes are designed and the benefits families can experience, please have a look around our website including the About Us section and Case Studies section

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please email Nicki on

Each application received will be reviewed by our Selection Team for eligibility depending on funding criteria.

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Please complete and submit the application form. Please be aware that we will be reading each application in detail and will be making a choice of families invited to attend programmes based on the information you give, so please give as much detail as you feel you need to. Send your completed application form to

Autism Angels Family Mentoring funding application