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Meet Bonnie, the newest member of the team

Our new herd member Bonnie has settled in as one of the herd extremely well. She brings a lovely calm energy to the herd, and at 14’2 is just the perfect size for me and for some of our children that are growing and becoming too big for our smaller ponies.

Bonnie has ridden out without a care in the world, taking the farm machinery, ducks, the goose and all the inquisitive bulls in her stride. Last week she worked with one of my students and presented a fantastic opportunity to explore how we meet and welcome new people in our life, and how we can project all our fears and perceptions on to them. Bonnie stood up to the challenge and offered some supportive softness whilst our student gained confidence and trusted herself with this new relationship. I think Bonnie is going to bring lots of love and learning to the Southern team.

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