We have a range of opportunities available for you and your family to access.

Please note that we do not need a formal diagnosis of Autism to work with any family; our opportunities are open to everyone.

Our programmes are ideal for:

  • children who are struggling with mainstream structures
  • families who are finding day to day life difficult
  • parents who are in need of some support, guidance and compassion
  • professionals who are struggling to find appropriate strategies for the families they work with
  • schools who would like to find innovative and creative ways to support and empower their teachers and students

Using our transformational concepts and unique learning environment, Autism Angels has a proven history of sustainable, life changing benefits which empowers individuals to become the leaders of their own lives.

Mentoring Programme – lets work together for a year

Parent Programme – the opportunity to come and learn new ideas

Family Coaching – focused support for you and your family

Parent Coaching – time out just for you to reflect and receive support

Kids Club – offering you the respite you very much need whilst providing your children with a safe place to thrive, enjoy, learn and create

Enrichment Days – a fun but rich day of learning with our equine friends, which will leave them with new insights and tools to take back to their everyday lives

Family Fun Days – just what it says on the label…a fun day for you and your family

Summer Camps – a long weekend in the beautiful yorkshire countryside for the whole family

Autism Angels Families