Family Coaching

Family Coaching

Quote from parent “I put into practice the things we learnt today around supporting my son and managing his behaviours. Being aware of my energy levels and mirroring made such a difference, I put my boundaries in place and projected the correct energy levels out, now we are tidying his room together having a laugh and then a film night. Yet again amazing

Family Coaching Sessions offer you the time and space to reconnect with your family. These sessions are for you and your family to connect and build relationships. We work one to one with you, to allow you the time to focus on self and the sessions are built around your individual needs.


Sibling Quote “I am proud of myself and what I am achieving at Autism Angels. I really like working with my brother now

As the nature of the work can access a deep emotional level, it is important that we do not leave you emotionally ‘unsafe’ after these sessions, and therefore recommend that these individual sessions are booked as a block of 6 so that we can support you all through the process of awareness raising and change, and through any emotional releases that present themselves.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you and your family book on the next Free Taster (North & South).

Autism Angels Family Coaching