Family Mentoring

Family Mentoring

Parent Quote “I cannot express how I feel today, not only is my daughter gaining confidence in her life, my son broke through his fear with some great team work. Priceless, pure joy, a life long memory. We are beyond proud of them both. Words cannot express the love and thanks to Autism Angels. They gave my children the time and space, to make their own decisions.


This is our signature programme. We believe that working with your family, consistently, for a longer period of time and with regular input, will give you the most remarkable changes and transformation in your life.

This programme provides opportunities for parent and child to work together and with other families to build relationships, communication and to give you tools to be able to overcome adversity. We believe that by working with on, on you and bringing you back to self, you can be empowered to take responsibility for your choices and actions and have the confidence to choose those which serve you well.

Child quote “Coming back to Autism Angels is like coming home


The Family Mentoring Programme has been designed to support and empower children and parents who feel challenged by mainstream structures or who need support with development of self and personal skills (such as communication). The mentoring programme is a great aid to daily life and works alongside schools as part of the childs educational needs/support. Children and parents will learn skills with the horses and through this will learn about developing themselves, communicating honestly, speaking up, being sure and learning lifelong skills and mindsets.

This programme runs over 35 weeks, during the week and term time, alongside school hours. The sessions are 2 hours long and alongside other families so you get the time and space to work together, learn new skills, build new friendships and create relationships that last a lifetime.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you and your family then please book onto our next free taster session by emailing:

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