Summer Camps

Summer Camps

SELFA “A huge thank you to all the volunteers this weekend. I know it was a massive learning experience for us all, and there was an immense feeling of pride amongst all the parents of what their children had achieved, and for many of them, you gave them the first glimmer of hope they’ve had in a very long time”.

The Autism Angels team look forward to offering you a great time in our beautiful outdoor space, and hope that you will have a relaxing and rewarding experience for all the family.

Autism Angels summer camps have been designed to create an opportunity for you and your family to share a unique experience.  You will be able to watch your family blossom in our ‘Yes’ and ‘Can do’ environment achieving more than you thought was possible.  Our aim is to create a safe and fun environment which adds value to everyone sharing this experience. We believe in a ‘family’ and ‘team’ approach so work with both the children and the parents in all of the activities in order to enhance communication and support the building of relationships.

Family Quote “One of the most life changing trips I’ve ever made. My daughter found true friendship, overcame her fear of horses and showed confidence I’ve never seen before. Thank you

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Autism Angels Summer Camps