Sign up to a programme

Sign up to a programme

  • Animal Care Club (North)

    An opportunity for improving confidence, social skills, making friends whilst learning about the animals on the farm. The day will include: – understand animals needs – learn what animals eat – how often do animals need exercise – food and water – how to keep your animals healthy – why looking after animals is just […]

  • Mini Mentoring Programme

    The Mini Mentoring Programme is a 6 weekly sessions run during term time. You will attend with your child and a small group of other children and their carers/parents. We will work through exercises with the horses to support children learn new things and how they can transfer this learning back to school and home. […]

  • Enrichment Day for Teens and Pre-Teens (South)

    This is a day of personal exploration, getting to know who you truly are. Learning how to problem solve, develop  leadership skills and learn to truly celebrate successes. A fun but rich day of learning with our equine friends.

  • Parent Programme (North)

    This unique experiential learning programme that has been designed to support you, empower you and transform your lives. You will have the opportunity to come and learn new ideas, try them out with the horses and get support from the group whilst you take your first steps. We have found that these programmes significantly change […]

  • Mentoring Programme

    We run Mentoring Programmes and Mini Mentoring Programmes depending on what you are looking for. The programmes run during term time often during school hours.

  • Volunteer Training (North & South)

    Are you enthusiastic? Do you have a positive attitude? Do you have the qualities and the passion to work in a busy yet rewarding environment? Do you have an interest in working with families and children alongside some beautiful horses? If so, then Volunteering for Autism Angels is the perfect opportunity for you! Autism Angels recruits […]

  • Warrior Programme – Foundation (North & South)

    The Learning to Listen Warrior Programme is a personal development programme designed to get to the heart of what you need to work on in this moment. You may be looking to raise your confidence, speak up more, be more honest, take stock of your life, improve your relationships, work on your leadership skills or deal with […]

  • Autism Angels Family Fun Day

    Family Coaching

    Family Coaching Sessions offer you the time and space to reconnect with your family. These sessions are for you and your family to connect and build relationships.