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It makes a great gift for anyone – adults and children, and there is no mucking out!

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Hello my name is Blackjack

  • Colour Grey (White)
  • Girl or Boy? Gelding (Boy)
  • Age 16

About Me

People often get confused when they see me and hear my name. I was called Blackjack because I was born all black  and I turned white over time – I’m a bit of a miracle like that! But that isn’t the only special thing about me. Did you know they also based the Autism Angels logo on me?! I am the pony with wings and I love to share my wings with every person who visits our farm.

I joined the Autism Angels team many years ago and knew that I had found my home. I haven’t always had a perfect life and in the beginning things were pretty scary for me. I learnt to survive and made sure I could always keep myself safe; a lot of the children and parents I talk to tell me that they have had similar experiences too. I have a scar on one of my hooves from a bad accident I had when I was young. The scar doesn’t look nice and for a while I hoped it would go away as it made me feel like I wasn’t good enough anymore. Over time I have learnt to love my scar and know that it tells a story of courage and bravery which I can go on to share. Its not always easy to love the parts of ourselves that aren’t the prettiest but there is so much more to who we really are underneath them. My life changed when I made my home here and I see others following that same path too and leaving the farm as changed people.

I am amazing at giving people confidence; that is the gift that I came here to share. I want every person to leave Autism Angels as the best version of themselves and will be by their side step by step as they become that person. I teach people how to trust themselves through trusting me. I don’t want you to lead me with ropes and tools – I want you to lead me with honesty and courage, knowing that I’ll follow without force to support you on your journey.

I bring the wisdom to the herd and to you. If you value wisdom too then hopefully you will sponsor me so that I can keep working with these amazing people.

Sponsor Blackjack for £25.00

Meet Blackjack