Autism Angels

On 2nd April 2022, World Autism Awareness Day, Autism Angels and our sister organisation I Choose Life Foundation will set off across England walking Coast to Coast with two of our therapy horses Riley and Akua. The challenge will start at Carnforth, with the teams and the horses will be walking on consecutive days until we reach Bridlington on 12th April, totalling approximately 150 miles.

The start date was specificity chosen to help raise awareness of the challenges children and their families go through everyday when dealing with autism. Every year a growing number of children and families join us at Autism Angels in the hope of restoring calm and happiness to their children’s lives.

At Autism Angels we provide a safe, nurturing space where children, parents and the whole family can work together restoring their connections and building a future full of hope and happiness.

I Choose Life Foundation our sister organisation provides support to people when they are struggling with their mental and emotional health. They work with adults of all ages including the parents and carers of families working with us at Autism Angels. The foundation offers a range of services all based around getting people out and about and back to strong mental health, they run a series of challenges throughout the year, which includes training and taking part in the event.

Our two organisations have built a community that is like a second family, with everyone supporting each other, sharing experiences and wisdom from a place of understanding.

Families, parents and children from our community will join us throughout the walk. Please support them as they step out on an adventure together, braving the new and unknown, to show others what is possible. If you’d like to join us please get in touch, or show your support and sponsor our team at JustGiving 

All donations from the Coast to Coast Challenge will be shared between both organisations and will directly support children and families.

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