Autism Angels

The caring for one horse or pony includes;
  • Hay, stables, field grazing, nuts, food
  • Paddock and field maintenance
  • Rugs and fly masks
  • Saddles, bridles, head collars, grooming kits, lead ropes
  • Regular visits with the farrier for hoof trimming
  • Yearly visits with the dentist
  • Bowen treatments to keep their backs strong
  • Clipping, worming, fly spray, skin treatments
  • Healthcare products
  • Vet check ups and medicinal care
  • Training sessions and behaviour work

The total cost is £2135.00
per year

This does not include vet fees or the amount of time that our team puts into training and caring for the herd.

As you can probably see they do a lot of work. Being able to keep our equine team physically, mentally and emotionally well is key to Autism Angels success – without them the work we do just wouldn’t have the impact – so they deserve to be taken good care of too.

Being able to care for our horses and ponies is quite expensive and this is where we need you! By sponsoring one of our team you can help ensure we can keep our vital work going.

It makes a great gift for anyone – adults and children, and there is no mucking out!

Your sponsorship pack will include:

Sponsor one of our horses or ponies for just

£25per year