Autism Angels

Sarah Kekoa

Hi, I’m Sarah and I founded Autism Angels after working with so many amazing families and inspiring children. I could see the benefits for everyone being in nature and working with the animals, especially the horses. I just love being outside, having fun with the children and supporting the amazing parents. I love the community we’re creating at Autism Angels and can’t wait to see you all down on the farm soon for lots of love and laughter. Doughnuts and coffee always welcome.

Sarah Ellis

I lead on the care of our special herd at the farm and I work with the team to deliver many of the events and programmes that we run. My favourite part of the work is watching someone who is working with a horse suddenly have that light bulb moment where they get what is really going on and how that relates to their own life – that for me is pure magic!

I have been working in the horse industry all my working life and have been fascinated with learning about different approaches to horse behaviour, especially after experiencing a problem with my own horse Timmy. I was blown away that I could learn to understand what he was truly trying to tell me and listen to him in his own language and that working with his natural reactions could help us form a partnership built on trust and communication and love. This led me to becoming involved with Autism Angels where the skills I had learnt from the horses about non-verbal communication helped me work with the children and their families.

Nicki Hall

I lead on all the work that we do with the families here at Autism Angels. I chose to join Autism Angels because I am extremely passionate about seeing what a person can do and what they can achieve in their life and I want every person to be able to see this for themselves. I joined Autism Angels many moons ago as a volunteer with no horse experience and very limited confidence. Over the years I have fallen in love with the horses and the pure magic that they bring to our lives, being able to share their gifts with families brings me a lot of joy. My favourite part of this work is being able to build deep connections and life long bonds with the children (and parents) that I work with. Watching a child go from shy, limited eye contact and no words to a bouncing ball of energy and conversation is a gift that I cherish.