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Hello my name is Paco

  • Colour Bay (Brown)
  • Girl or Boy? Gelding (Boy)
  • Age 22

About Me

I came to Autism Angels when I was ready to retire from my busy work show jumping. I’ve lived with the Autism Angels team for many years now and I really do enjoy meeting all the children that come here. I have a special skill at teaching children how to ride and giving them the confidence they need to try things on their own, without the adults help. I have taught many children to ride and I love to see their excitement when they achieve things they never knew they could do.

I like to look over my herd and see myself as a protector. As well as keeping my herd safe I also make sure the children are safe too, especially when we are out around the farm. I know there are lots of things children can find scary – especially things that make loud noises – so I stay calm and keep by their side so they know they are supported.

Although I retired from jumping I still enjoy using my skills on the field gates and love to jump them especially when it looks like there is something fun going on that I am not a part of.

Thank you for taking time to read my story, I hope that you will sponsor me so that I can keep working with the lovely children (and if you ever come and visit please do bring me some yummy apples)

Sponsor Paco for £25.00

Meet Paco