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Hello my name is Pedra

  • Colour Grey (White)
  • Girl or Boy? Gelding (Boy)
  • Age 16

About Me

I came to Autism Angels when I was about 11 years old. I’d had a lovely life in the beginning and was even a show winner but as that part of my life came to an end I had some not very pleasant experiences and became scared of people, animals and just about everything in between.

When I came  to Autism Angels it was with my friend Sticky. We were both scared and unsure but the team worked with us to build trust and they showed us that people don’t always hurt us and there is a good life beyond the pain we knew.

Now I work with the children a lot. I meet them at taster sessions and play with them at the Family Fun Days. I hear a lot of the children tell the team that I am their favourite pony with makes me feel so proud of the work I’ve done and how much I have changed my life.

2019 was a big year for me because I finally started to wear my saddle again and even started working with some young children who could ride me and build my confidence even more. Being ridden and being able to do the work with the children makes me so happy. I’ve come a long way from the scared little pony that knocked on Autism Angels door and have found a life that I love.

I want to be able to share all my learning with families and build their confidence so that they can live a happier life too. Please sponsor me so that I can continue to help transform lives.

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