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It makes a great gift for anyone – adults and children, and there is no mucking out!

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Hello my name is Riley

  • Colour Dark Bay (Brown)
  • Girl or Boy? Gelding (Boy)
  • Age 8

About Me

I have lived with Autism Angels since I was about 5 years old and I really do enjoy my life here. My favourite way to meet the children and families is to be with them in the paddock and stand whilst they brush me. Being brushed is one of my favourite things to do; I could stand for hours and hours while they brush my hair, it is just so relaxing. I find this really helps the parents to relax too, they often worry about how we will be with their child but when they see me falling to sleep as I’m groomed I notice that they do a sigh of relief.

Sometimes I go out for rides too and I love to ride around the woods or in the arena where the ground is soft. My feet are quite sensitive and big stones can hurt them and I see the farrier regularly to help with this.

I am currently the youngest horse in the herd which means I have a really cheeky side to me; I love to play games, my favourites are tag and freeze. Being the youngest means I still have a lot to learn so I spend a lot of my time with Paco and Blackjack when we go out. The Autism Angels team also spend a lot of their time training me and taking me out places so that I can experience new things and be an even better support to the children and families.

I really want to keep working with the children because it has helped me learn so much so please do sponsor me and help me to keep getting even better at giving therapy. (P.S don’t bring Paco apples, bring me polos!)

Sponsor Riley for £25.00

Meet Riley