Autism Angels

This Agreement is made on today’s date between Autism Angels and the Parents/Carers.

The purpose of this agreement is to confirm the respective roles and responsibilities of Autism Angels and the Parents/Carers for the provision of the service described below.

The agreement exists to define and clarify the delivery of the service required and the monitoring and quality assurance process that Autism Angels will carry out to ensure that the provision and/or service is provided and delivered to an agreed standard.

In this agreement, these words have the following meanings: “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Autism Angels “You”, “your”, “the Parent/Carer” refer to the Parents/Carer’s.

    1. 1 Autism Angels will facilitate the following programme:

Title of programme: As completed on the Booking Form

Venue: As completed on the Booking Form

  1. DURATION OF THIS AGREEMENT The agreement will commence on today’s date and remain open subject to the agreement of both parties. This period can be shortened or extended for a mutually agreed period and must be agreed in writing.

3.1 Roles and Responsibilities of Autism Angels

3.2 Roles and Responsibilities of the You/Parent/Carer:

3.3 The Parent/Carer and Autism Angels will be jointly responsible for preparing any learners involved in the delivery

  1. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS It will be the responsibility of the Parent/Carer to make and fund any necessary travel arrangements.
  2. HEALTH and SAFETY It is essential that all parties adhere to the health and safety guidelines and policy within the venue for delivery. Any party who fails to adhere to the guidelines and puts themselves or others at risk will not be permitted to continue on the programme. If this should happen, the Parent/Carer will be required to remove the individual(s) from the programme at that time and without notice.

I/We undertake to follow all safety rules verbal and/or written during my visit. I/We understand that horses are dangerous animals and that riding or otherwise handling horses involves a risk of serious injury or death. I/We acknowledge and assume all such risks and therefore take all responsibility for my actions and consequences thereafter.

  1. EMOTIONAL WELLBEING It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure the safety and emotional well being the child/ren whilst taking part in the programme. It is at the discretion of the Lead Facilitator that at any time, they feel that there has been a breach of the SLA, it is their right to ask the family to leave the programme without notice.

I/We understand that whilst the programme may raise emotional issues, it is not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy, and I/we take responsibility for seeking appropriate interventions to address any unresolved issues which may surface. I/we understand that the Autism Angels will not be making a judgement about my fitness to participate and I/we take full responsibility for my emotional and physical health, wellbeing and safety.

  1. CONFIDENTIALITY Photos, video & quotes of all activities taking place within the programme can be used at Autism Angel’s discretion. Parents can take photos of their own children participating in sessions, however taking photos of other clients also on the property is prohibited. All paperwork containing personal information regarding those on the mentoring programme is stored in line with our Confidentiality Policy
  2. CANCELLATION OF PROGRAMME BY PARENT/FEE PAYER Should it be necessary for the parent/carer to cancel the programme, it is the responsibility of the Parent/Carer to notify Autism Angels in sufficient time to put alternative arrangements in place. Please note that payment is non-refundable when a session is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled session. 
  3. FORCE MAJURE Autism Angels is not liable for any delays in performance or delivery caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control and will be entitled to a time extension for completion of the agreement. Examples could include: strikes, weather, terrorist acts, war, supplier / transport / production problems, move of premises or facilities, government or regulatory action, natural disasters.
  4. I/We give permission for my data to be held in the Autism Angels database and may process personal data relating to me for administration purposes.
  5. I/We agree that material included as part of this programme is protected by intellectual property laws, including copyright laws, and may not be used without obtaining written permission from the provider. As participant(s), I/we agree not to make any reproduction of the whole or any part of the programme materials.
  6. TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT Autism Angels or the Parent/Carer may end this agreement by giving a minimum of one week’s notice.
  7. VARIATIONS TO THIS SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT Amendments / variations to this agreement may be made if they are mutually agreed in writing by both parties. Either party may terminate this agreement if there is any material breach by the other party in line with the terms set out in this contract.

I/We acknowledge that I/we have read and understood this agreement.