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The Feel Good Fridays have been created after the popularity of our Wellbeing Wednesdays. They are designed to support children who would benefit from respite from school or who maybe struggling at school. They are run on a Friday during term times (North Yorkshire).

The day starts at 10am and ends at 3pm, aiming to reduce the stress around early mornings and beating the traffic. We begin our day by going for a walk to the river and take a snack so we can stop half way and enjoy being in nature. This also give the children a chance to settle into the day, get some exercise while walking the dogs and start conversations with each other.

We then head back to the main yard and have some lunch before starting the afternoon activities. These usually include yard duties, working with the horse and working on our mental health challenges.

During the whole day the children are engaging in conversations with us (and each other) where we can see opportunities to enlighten them around areas such as love, fear, honesty to themselves and others, anxieties, loss and grief, kindness and collaboration, working through challenges, breaking things down and so much more.

This space has been created so our children can learn emotional intelligence that will set them up for life. They often work with us to train the horses, a non-verbal reactionary animal that can be fearful of new things and by doing this they learn new skills themselves, whilst showing compassion to each other and the horses.

These days are having an enormous impact on the children that attend them, enabling them to either attend school for the rest of the week more relaxed or complete the school work from home.

Some parents are required to stay and support their children or your child may feel able to stay on their own for all or part of the day.

Feel Good Fridays are £80 per child, per session. However through our fundraising and grant support we are able to offer places to families who book direct at just £50 per child, per session

We highly recommend that you attend a Taster before booking on these sessions to make sure that this is the best for you and your children.

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