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Private sessions for all the family are perfect for you and your family to reconnect. We run these sessions for the whole family. However we can break the sessions down to just parents, one parent and child or one to ones, sometimes we need a combination of all of these when working with a whole family.

These session are £120.00 for one and a half hours, however through our fundraising and grant schemes we are able to offer these to families who book direct for £80 and can include the horses or Yume.

Sessions are delivered at the farm, outdoors, either walking or in one of our outdoor environments.

These sessions have an impact on any individual that attends them. They are very supportive yet also have an element of challenge to them to support your family to make the changes you are looking for.

If you have not worked with us before, we highly recommend that you attend a Taster session first so you can make sure this style of working is the best fit for you and you and your family.

Our sessions are not a replacement for advice from a doctor or other forms of therapy.

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